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Talking Tom Hero Dash is an endless running mobile game. In the game, you will control Tom and his friends as a superhero to defeat Raccoon Gang. You will start your running adventure between skyscrapers and beside tropical beaches. Your mission is to drive raccoons away from the city and rebuild the city with your super power. When you are running in the street, you have to collect gold coins as many as possible. It will help you unlock more characters to join your running. Below Talking Tom Hero Dash cheats and tips will guide you how to run the game like a pro.

Run fast as long as you can in the early stage. There are less obstacles at the beginning of the game. What you do is try your best to run fast. During the running, you can also collect some gold coins. There gold coins are usually laid on both sides of the street. You need to run aside to reach them. If time is enough, we suggest you try to collect all the coins. It is easy to complete the fist five stages. But soon, you will realize the speed will increases dramatically. All things seem to out of control. At this moment, you don’t have much choice to collect gold coins. You have to focus on the running, try your best to make TOM survive. That’ s why we advise you collect enough gold coins in the early stages of the game.

Unlock more power supplies to help you. Like other running games, Talking Tom Hero Dash allows plays improve their running ability with power supplies (such as helmet, magnet and rocket). During the unlock action, you are required to use gems (premium currency in the game). You can get some gems by watching some video ads in the game. However, it is not enough to get all the power supplies unlocked. You have to own large amount of gems. You should try some hacking service. For example, Talking Tom Hero Dash hack is the best tool to earn instant gems in the game. The tool is easy to use and updated frequently.

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When you have to jump from one place to another, you should focus on the distance. Especially, when you are jumping between cars, you should look close to the distance between two cars. Early and late jump will lead you to failure. The best strategy is to jump before you fall. If you don’t have to jump, we suggest you walk straight in the game.

That’s all for Talking Tom Hero Dash tips and cheats. If you want to share your tricks, feel free to contact us.