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Want to find smoe idle dragon games? Then DragonSky Idle & Merge game is your proper choice. This game is implemented by high quality idle game play function which never reveal before. Once you start your dragon adventure in your mobile device, even you turn off the game, your adventure will still be going on based on your setting! This feature sounds awesome for the lazy player like me. To help you get powerful dragons and develop unique dragon fighting skills, we share you DragonSky Idle & Merge cheats and tips below! Before you start your game play, we recommend you read the whole article. So let’s start our tips now!

Get dragons as fast as you can. This game is all about dragons. You need to get them as soon as possible and as many as you can. Generally, you will get a dragon from a dragon egg. But before the dragon egg turn into a real dragon, you have to take good care of the dragon eggs. A simple hatching only can produce a general dragon. If you want to create a stronger dragon from the eggs, you’d better merge them together. Yes. You can merge more than two dragon eggs to hatch a powerful dragon in this game. For example, if you have two 20+ level dragons, you can merge them in the hatching place with some merging points. As a result, you will get a legendary dragon soon. But keep in mind that you can only merge maximum ten dragons at the same time!

Always try to level up you dragons. There are many factors to determine how your dragon perform in the dragon fight! But at least, you have to make sure your dragons are strong and healthy. You need to check your dragon’s status (including strength, speed and spirit) every day. Feed them with powerful drink and food. Train them in the real battle arena. Your dragon’s level plays an important part in the fight. What’s more important is that when you notice your dragon is time to evolve, you should do it without hesitation. You may need lots of gems when evolving your dragons. Besides buying gems from the gaming store, you can try DragonSky Idle & Merge hack – a helpful gems generator developed by some top players.

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Set up auto gaming function before off online. As we mentioned earlier, this game support offline function. Many players forget to settle a good fighting pattern before they get off line. So, they waste the opportunity to get more resource in the game. What you do is just head to setting menu, click the create a fighting pattern button, then fill all the required fields and save the data. That’s simple, right?

These are all our DragonSky tips and tricks so far! If you find something helpful tips for this game, don’t forget to share with us! Thanks for reading.