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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Cheats – Guides for more gems hack

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is an interesting card game which combines team-based battles and real-time RPG strategy. The big selling point of this game is that you can put Disney and Pixar roles into battles as many as you can. This game is deeper than your usual “card” games. You are fighting with your favorite cartoon characters in a real-time system. Every choice you make and every incantation you cast determines your legacy. There are many mechanisms to learn in this game. So help you get a good start, we present you the latest Disney Sorcerer’s Arena cheats and tips.

Get used to your Disney character’s skills and stats. In the game, you will be able to collect hundreds of Disney character into your roster. Before putting them into your battle team, you should know each character’s skill and stats. This is will help you build your ultimate team easily. What’s important, it is always a good idea to learn how to release your character’s skills. Remember, you can’t start a special skill without mana. Mana is something like energy point which will help you release your roles’ skill. When you attack enemies with element skill, you will get some mana. The more element skills you send, the more mana you will received.

Use automatic play function wisely. Auto play is a most used strategy to harvest resources. With the further development of the game, you will need more resources, which means more food and upgrade materials. You have to replay each level again and again to get enough resource to support your future fighting. In this situation, we recommend you enable auto play function. So that you can free your hands to do other jobs. Remember, only use auto play function in this case. Otherwise, you should fight on your own, instead of relying on the automatic game play system.

Gems are the premium currency which will help you unlock more Disney character in the game. You can get them using the method mentioned above. Or you can simply buy them in the game store. Our favorite method is making use of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena hack. It’s a online gems generator. No matter which platform you are in, you can use it to earn gems for your account within a few simple steps.

use Disney Sorcerer's Arena mod

If you have no idea how to beat your competitor, you can join the game community. In there, you can chat with your friends and other players, learn their fighting strategy. What’s more, you will discover special events which never happen in the game before. Once you have complete them, you will win unique rewards and badges. It is useful to help you rank high in the top player listing.

That’s all for Disney Sorcerer’s Arena playing guide. Thanks for your reading. Hope you find your own way in discover more Disney characters and put them in your battle.