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Alita Battle Angel The Game is a completely high octane online punk MMORPG mobile game. Its story line is based on the movie – fantasy and innovation theme. You will experience all the actions and emotions appear in the movie! Take up your weapons and put on your gears to start your epic adventure now. The game supports two game modes (PVP and PVE). You can choose one of them to start with or play both of them. It’s actually a strategic battle with enemy bosses and other players. To help you make good progress in the initial adventure and challenges, we bring you Alita Battle Angel The Game cheats and tips.

Be familiar with story line game play. Once you enter the game, you should spend time on study how to move story line forward. Usually, you need to complete tasks one by one to unlock next story. Moving from one stage to another will cost you AP (here means action point). But don’t worry, AP will be replenished over time. It’s important to note that the difficulty increases very quickly, and you will soon find that you have to improve your character’s whole level to clear certain stage. Our tips are don’t ruse for high level stage if you are not ready. You can always come back to challenge it once you become more strong.

As mentioned above, you need to improve your roles’ whole level to keep them unstoppable. There is an upgrade button located in the main screen. When you click it, you will enter into the enhancement section. There, you can do all improvement for your character. The most basic enhancement is to upgrade their skills and gears. They both required diamonds to finish the upgrade process. Diamonds can be easily bought from the app store. Or you can simple try Alita Battle Angel The Game hack service to get instant diamonds for your account without paying. It’s your choice. During the upgrade, you should remember to test each skill combination. Because different combination will make different result.

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Try to challenge PVP mode. We recommend advanced players take part in PVP mode as much as they can. So that they can earn more rewards from the battles after winning. More importantly, if you lose the battles in this mode, don’t worry too much, because you will definitely learn from this failure. You will become more strong in the next battle. The key is find your opponent’s disadvantage and use it to defeat themselves.

We hope this guide will help you know the game play in depth and form your own battle strategies to conquer the game effectively.