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Zooba Zoo Battle Arena Cheats – Earn more gems hack guide

Zooba Zoo Battle Arena is a free to play action battle royal game. You can twist your character, choose your loadout in each round of battle. In contrast to conventional weapons, equipment and capabilities, Zooba Zoo Battle Arena claims to have lots interesting and funny content that even MOBA players have never tried. For all Zooba players, they have to think out of MOBA game’s box to produce their own tactics. Once you are in Zooba battle game, you need to test skills quickly and fight immediately. We have prepared a full detail guide of Zooba Zoo Battle Arena cheats and tips below to help you start better in the game!

Build you own team with your best friends. As a general strategy in most battle royale games, having your own team is the key to defeat your opponents. While you can still coordinate with random players you can work with, it may take time to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, or it may not happen at all if members keep going in and out. Although you can always play alone or with just one partner, having a complete team can lead to more favorable strategies, especially if it is well coordinated. So that’s why we recommend you build a team with your friends. You know each other’s favorite battle style. Based on that, you can form your own offensive and defensive tactics against other players. What’s more important, you will earn more rewards (that’s most players wishes) when you are fighting as a team.

Find out the best time to attack and escape. Another important skill you need to learn early is to be able to identify opportunities and threats. Since you are fighting in a big arena without cover, you should be able to see all the players’ stats and situation through the map. Generally speaking, if there are more enemies around you, you should not fight and attack, no matter whether the enemies are stronger or weaker than you. You should run away from them. On the other hand, if you have two or more teams fighting with you, you can let them help you to fight against your enemies. Just remember to equip best weapons and items to your teams before they start to attack. In this case, you need lots of gems to support your team. That’s why so many players fail in the attack – they are lacking of gems. One of the best solution to earn more gems is making use of Zooba Zoo Battle Arena hack. Don’t worry, you will be safe when using this tool.

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Save more energy. Each skill costs your energy. Based on the skill’s level, you need to spend out different amount of energy when releasing skill attack. Since energy charging takes time, you should make every shot meaningful, don’t hit the attack button without thinking. Only release skills when you are in the necessary situation! Otherwise, you will be out of energy sooner or later.

Following all these tips of Zooba game, you will be able to win more battles and rewards quickly! Thanks for time!