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Zombie Strike Cheats – Updated guides for more gems hack

Zombie Strike is another zombie theme titled mobile game. You need to call up heroes to join your team – its main task is killing zombies in the world. Recruiting survivors from the battle is the key to build your powerful team. Gather and use limited resources wisely can lead you to successful path in this game. In order to keep the players stay more time in the game, the developers have promised to add a new event into the game play system each week. It’s not easy to survive in this zombie killing world. But with our latest Zombie Strike cheats and tips, we can make things easier.

Focus on more AI tasks firstly. When you are playing this game as a new player, you should not rush into real player challenge mode, just keep playing in the AI battle until you have more confident with your heroes. As we know, the game has provided two different gaming mode – AI battle and Real Player Battles. AI battle mode is suitable for all players to earn their experience and improve their rankings. But in real player battle mode, you have to deal with real players from all over the world – which will make you feel overwhelming at the beginning. So we suggest new players stick to AI battle mode until they reach high level.

Try to attack the zombies near the corpse pile. Why you should attack the zombie near their basement? Well, by doing this, you will handle lots of zombies at the same time. You will get many winning rewards in the end. Just be sure to spread your heroes around the battlefield when you are fighting near the corpse pile. As a result, you will kill each zombie comes from their basement.

Don’t forget to upgrade your team regularly. If you have played zombie type game before, you should note that you can not keep forwarding in the game without team upgrade. Gems are the necessary resource to upgrade your team. If you don’t want to spend more time and energy on gems harvesting, we advise you take advantage of Zombie Strike hack – a legit cheat engine for this game. You can use it to generate enough gems into your account.

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Remember to check every limit-time event. Limit-time event is very important in this game. It will help you unlock more mandatory items to move your game progress forwards. When you complete these events, you have to complete them one by one in order. Otherwise, you will mess up with your game play progress.

This is our updated Zombie Strike guide. We hope you can save the world from the zombies with its help.