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WWE Universe is a wrestling theme mobile game. In the game, you will play as a pro wrestler – participate in every match, win it and take champion title. The game features real action and real voices, you will enjoy every battle in this game. You can also build your superstars team fight with you. Train them and discover their potential skills will help you defeat your opponents quickly. Enter the arena and try all the signature actions of your favorite WWE legend now. Before diving into the game, be sure to read our WWE Universe cheats and tips.

Know the perfect time to activate your special combat. In this wrestling game, every character has their own special combat. To activate it, you should make sure your energy bar is full. Once you meet this criteria, you can activate it any time. However, if you activate this combat without plan, you will waste it eventually. Because, your opponent can easily block your special combat if you release it randomly. So how to make sure your special combat hit your opponent directly? Well, you need to find the best timing to do so. What we usually do is put this special combat into our normal combat. As a result, you will make extra damage to your opponent. But keep in mind that, this trick not works at boss fighting. When dealing with boss, you can only release your special combat until the boss is stunned.

You need better equipment. The only way to make sure you defeat the stronger opponent is that you have better equipment than theirs. Usually, after each fight, you will have a chance to enter into the game store to buy equipment and train your characters. When you find something interesting, you can buy it with gold (premium currency in the game). Getting gold is not hard in this game, but it is difficult to earn them instantly. But don’t worry now. You can rely on WWE Universe hack to generate gold for you. It is a easy and useful helper for wwe universe players.

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Keep your endurance smartly. Don’t try to break through your opponent’s defense again and again. If you have try once, but fail, then you should stop and watch your opponent’s moves. Don’t blow mercilessly. It will just waste your endurance. Once your endurance is empty, you will be defeated easily by your opponent. You should wait until your opponent start to attack you, then you can use quick counter attack to fight back.

This is the whole WWE Universe guide. Hope you get useful thing to help you defeat your opponent completely.