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World on Fire Cheats – Easy guide for more gold hack

World on Fire is a MMO strategy games. Like many other strategy games, you need to collect enough resource, train your army and command the right troops to defeat your rivals. Since your own resources will be destroyed by other players, your only working strategy is to engage other players’ battle and try to use their resources for your army. Although the game is actually very simple, the most challenging part is the lack of resources and how to command your troops smartly. Below World on Fire cheats and tips will cover some important guide in the game. You’d better read it before your start the game.

Always check the potential threat around your base. Once you have settled your base, you should focus on the immediate area around your base. If you production machines are working on progress, you should stop them firstly, before you make sure you are in the safe zone. You can simple move the screen on the map and locate the desired place to check. There are two things you should pay attention to during checking. One is the level of your opponents, the other is the activities of your enemy. If you found something weird, you should immediately redeploy your base to another place.

When choosing the deploy location, always take resource block as your first choice. As said before, the challenge of the game is hard to get enough resources to raise your army. So when you find an available resource block on the map, you should deploy your base on it or around it. By doing this you will have enough resource to sustain the construction and upgrading needs of your troops. Gold is a very hard to earn currency in the game. But they can be used to short out the time of resource production. So you have to own enough gold to keep your army competitive. World on Fire hack is a legit way to earn gold in this game. It is available for android and iOS platforms now.

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Once you have enough gold, you should consider to invest some of them. There is an unique feature in the game called – treasury investment. If you put your gold in the treasury, you will gain 15% interest in one hour. The more gold you put, the more interest you will earn each hour. So if you can afford it, we suggest you put all of your gold into the treasury department.

Finally, we hope this guide will help you stay ahead of many players and bring you closer to the world war winners.