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Wildscapes Cheats – Simple guides for more diamonds hack

Have you dream of building your dream zoo? Now you can make this come true by playing Wildscapes game. In this game, you will create your own zoo by solving with colorful puzzles. The more puzzles you solve, the more money you will earn to support your zoo building project. Can you solve all the puzzles to create a legendary zoo? If you want to move faster and closer to your dream zoo, you should take a look at our Wildscapes cheats and tips below! This post will show you some useful tricks during solving the puzzle. Now let’s dive into our topic!

Focus on boosters. If you have ever played puzzle game before, you should know that booster can help you clear the stage quickly and effective. To activate a booster, you have to discover the same type and same color elements in the screen. You just need to find at least three elements with same colors to release a booster. However, the more elements in the same type, the more powerful result you will see once you activate this booster. For example, if you release a booster with seven elements in the same colors, you will clear half puzzles in that stage. Using booster wisely will help you get better result in solving difficult puzzle.

You need diamonds to build your zoo. As mentioned before, your final goal in the game is to build your own dream zoo. You need resources (such as animals, food and wood) to create your zoo. All these resources can be obtained by diamonds. We can tell you that after each puzzle stage you solve in the game, you will earn some diamonds based on your performance. But that’s not always enough to buy your desired resources. That’s why many players are looking for a easy way to earn large amount diamonds. Indeed, we also find that some top players are using Wildscapes hack to generate diamonds in their account. If you are interested in this tool, you can try it yourself.

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How does the crazy power-up work? When it comes to super booster, many players may refer to crazy power-up in the game. We can assure that this is the most powerful booster we have seen in this game. So how to activate this skill? Well, when you are ready for this skill, you will find a green charging bar located in your top right corner in the screen. Once the bar is full, you are able to activate crazy power-up in that stage.

These would be the whole Wildscapes game guide. If you want to share your thoughts with us, don’t hesitate to contact us!