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Utopia Origin Cheats – Tips for more Caps and Coupons Hack

Utopia Origin is an adventure mobile game. You will explore the world with your pets and mounts. Fight with your best friends against your enemies. You have skills to build your base, in which you can create weapons and produce food for your alliance. There’s a lot to learn about this game, if you are new to this game, we invite you to join our Utopia Origin cheats and tips. Because you will get most valuable information from our guide. So let’s get start now!

Explore the map as soon as you can. When you begin with this game, you can only access limited locations. In order to collect and produce more survival resources, you have to unlock more locations. Sending people to explore the map is the only option you can do. When you are in exploring, you should choose a person with a high level of exploration. This will help your exploration progress faster. If you want to progress more in a short time, we advise you assign multiple people to the exploration task.

Keep track on the mission list. You will find the mission list in the top menu of your main screen. Make sure you finish each task listed there. Because you can get rewards from them. Usually, the rewards contains caps and coupons. Caps and coupons are the rare currency in the game. You need them to help you unlock more events and skills in the game. If you found there is no mission you can complete to get huge amount of currency, we recommend you try Utopia Origin hack. Many players are using such hacking service to get resources in recent days.

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Set high priority to your resources builders. You need resources such as food to feed your body all the game. So, make sure you pay enough attention to your resource builders. Firstly, you should set up your own bonfire. Because all other buildings will be required to build on them. Tents and shelters are like the way you store food and other resources, so you can put them as the last consideration. If you are lack of building items, you can just ignore shelters and tents. We just give you the big picture of resource priority here. You need to discover more details through game play.

This article summarizes the tips and cheats of Utopia Origin game. If you have other tricks to share with us, you can contact us any time.