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Ulala Idle Adventure Cheats – Easy guides for more pearl Hack

Ulala Idle Adventure will give you best fighting experience ever. With its fascinating story lines and colorful graphics, this game has attracted more than ten thousands players in the world since its global released. We have tried the game for days and find many amazing tricks which never reveal before. To get a better game play experience, you need a lot of skills and knowledge about character building and pet training. Don’t worry, we have prepare a detail guide for you to get through all the stages. Now, check our latest Ulala Idle Adventure cheats and tips below!

Sort the characters based on the battle performance. We can assure you that you will have lots of characters in the game. But not every character suits the battle perfectly. So you have to judge the character’s strength personally. The best way to test your character’s power is put them into battle arena. The one who performs the best will be your first choice in later battle. Finally, you will have list of characters sorting by their power. In addition, you need to look into character’s class before sorting them. As the game notices, there are more than four classes in the game. For example, warrior character should be classified as a melee class. So, you can find the best character in each class!

Do Pet research carefully. As you may already known, this game allows player to have pets as their partners during battle. So how to get strong and best pet is very important to take down your enemies. Just as character’s setting rule, you’d better sort your pets with the similar method. Keep in mind that, pets are different from the characters. You have to unlock them before own them. To get your own pet, you need to go to the wild map to capture them. Pet meal is what you need when capturing the pets. Different pet meals attract different pets. You can buy pet meals with pearls (premium currency in the game) instantly. We recommend players use Ulala Idle Adventure hack to earn pearls. Otherwise, you have to spend lots of time to get enough pearl in the game.

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Equip your best gears to challenge the boss. Besides owning a good character and strong pet, you also need to equip your best gears in the boss challenging. You have to defeat the boss in each stage to pass through the specific level. Finding a better gear is not hard in the game. You just need to pay attention to the enemies’ dropping items. Collect them all to create your own better gear. That should be the much easier way we have found so far!

These would be the latest guide for Ulala Idle Adventure game play. If you know better tricks in this game, do share with us!