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You can be the legendary monster coach in Trainer Carnival mobile game. This game features round-based strategy gaming experience, including all the unique elements of RPG. You will capture your first monster, consider it as your best partner. Train it with your unique method, make it become the most competitive monster in the world. During your training adventure, you will be able to collect hundreds of monsters to your team. You have to collect experience as much as you can to defeat other competing coaches. Follow our Trainer Carnival cheats and tips will make you become the ultimate monster trainer easily!

Choose your favorite monster to start with. The game will give your three monsters to choose from as your first partner. They are fire monster, water monster and electric monster. Each on has its own unique skill and each one is the opposite of the other. For example, water monster is always very powerful when it is dealing with the fire monster. However, when it is facing electric monster, it become very weak in the fighting. Anyway, you have to pick one monster to start the game. Our main concept is to tell you keep your monster team balance as long as you can in the later game play. When you choose water monster as your first partner, you should capture other type of monsters into your team later.

You will spend most of time in capturing monsters and fighting with other trainers. Monster capturing is an important part of building a strong monster team, so even if you have a complete team around you, you should also strive to find a higher level of monster to replace it. You need to train your current monster and have powerful capturing tools to help you capture the strong wild monster. Gems are the required items in these process. The more gems you have, the more powerful your monster team will be. The most easy to collect instant gems should be using Trainer Carnival hack. Within a few seconds, you will able to load lots of gems to your account in the help of this hacking service.

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You’d better keep track of your progress. This will motivate you to move toward higher goals as you continue to play the game. The achievements you got in the game are not only the milestones you have complete in the game, but also benefits in more gift rewards. So make sure to check each milestone in the task list and try to finish it as long as you can.

At last, we hope you can explore a new way to become the ultimate monster trainer in this article.