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The Royal Affairs is a brand new mobile game which will give you a full imperial court life simulation experience. In the game, you will experience all aspects of the medieval royal family. Starting from the local lord, you will lead wars against your enemies, build families to let your heirs to take over your throne. If you are unfamiliar with this type of mobile game, you may feel overwhelmed. To help you overcome your bad feeling, we provide some useful The Royal Affairs cheats and tips in this article.

Try your best to expand your rear palace. Rear palace is the most attractive feature in this game. It also make the game stand out of the similar mobile game series. You will unlock your first spouse in the middle of the game progress. She will even give you your first heir. To have more spouses, you need to participate more balls held by the kingdoms. Spend more time to talk with your potential spouse – know their interests and habits. Try your best to pleased them. This will take a lot of patience, and your wealth needs to be as high as possible.

The game allows you to have heirs to take over your throne in the future. You should pay more attention to this feature. Because it is the key to keep your empire continue ruling by you. By increasing your spouse’s exp, you will be able to have a child with her. You need gems to help you visit more frequently for the specific spouse. Gems also can help you unlock more heir in the game. Getting gems fast and large amount is difficult to most players. If you have no idea how to earn more gems, we advise you buy them in game store or make use of The Royal Affairs hack. It depends on your actual need.

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Be sure to send ministers regularly to the Royal College. If you want your ministers have more knowledge, this is the only fast way to get you there. But remember, you can only send your ministers stay there for two hours each day. Once you exceed the time limit, you will be kicked out from the college. However, If you have enough gems, you can open another seat in the college so that you can train more ministers at the same time.

This is all our tips and cheats for The Royal Affairs game. If you have discovered more helpful tricks, just share with us via email.