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Tales of Wind – a MMO RPG game which stands out of the RPG series in recent days. Its powerful real-time fighting system makes it attract millions of players around the world. There are lots of gaming modes implemented in this game – which make the player feel fresh and exciting. You goal is to explore the world with your partners, complete various of missions to drive the course of history. You need to train and develop your characters, help them improve their fighting skills, lead them to the victory of holy war. To help you get through all the difficulties in the game play, we present you Tales of Wind cheats and tips below.

Equip necessary items before start a attack. Prepare well of your heroes is a must do action in each fight. It is possible to equip some items (such as attack, defense, and support elements) into your hero at the same time. You will activate your heroes’ element skills with these items. Among them, support element is very important. It can cure your character’s health and magic when you need. If you don’t such element, you should carry more support medicines instead. You should pay attention to the elements matching function in the equipment. You will get more powerful result when the element type match your hero’s type. Just check your hero’s type before equip the element.

Improve your weapons. There are more than 3 types of weapons in this game. You need to find them all and recreate them to the maximum level in order to push the full power out. Each weapon has five level, when they reach the maximum level, they will evolve into an ultimate formation – which has the highest powerful attack. So, how to upgrade your weapons? Well, you need spirals during the upgrading. Spiral is a premium currency in this game. We recommend you make use of Tales of Wind hack to obtain spirals into your account. Because it is a fast and legit way to get spiral in these days.

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Try different game play modes. As mentioned earlier, there are more than 3 gaming modes in this game. If you get stuck in the main story line, you can try to play other mode to find some clues. Although you can play all the gaming modes, you should focus on some easy ones firstly. By doing this, you will have more time to and energy to spend to the main story line. Don’t forget to claim your rewards after you complete certain mode.

That’s all for Tales of Wind guide. If you want to share your tricks with us, just send them to us via email. We will publish it once it get reviewed.