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Super Brawl Universe Cheats – Guide for more gems hack

Super Brawl Universe is a fighting mobile game which let you choose your favorite Nick character to participate in the battle arena. You can fighting in incredible places such as Mansion and Avatar Aviation Temple. Sounds familiar, right? They all come from Nickelodeon series. In order to enter Super Fighting Championship, you need to recruit your favorite characters into your battle team. Train them, improve their fighting skills. The key to your success in this game is to build a perfect team to fight for glory. Check out our Super Brawl Universe cheats and tips to learn some useful skills to defeat your opponents.

Check rated power before enter into arena. Each role has its own rated power in the game. It is used to indicate character’s output damage point. Usually, the high rated power is, the more strong the role is. You should check both your roles and your opponents. This will show you how much percentage you will win the battle. Once you know that, you can simply avoid the tough fighting. However, you can always chase the high challenge battle in your mind.

Strengthen your characters. When we talk about strong characters, one thing you can’t ignore is to keep your team at its best. Your starting character will help you get through the early stages of the game. Once you reach level 6, you will find more difficult to defeat your enemy. Best solution is to strengthen your current character immediately. Upgrading a role will consume your resources – gems. The higher your role’s level are, the more gems you will need to process this procedure. A reliable and legit Super Brawl Universe hack become more important in this process. Such hacking service will give you full instant access to gems resources. So if you need unlimited gems, you can try it.

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Unlock more characters. The only way to build your strong team is to unlock more strong characters in the game. Though you can only use few characters in the first stages, more characters are waiting for your unlock once you reach level 20. To unlock a hero, you need to collect certain items. You will know which item you need by entering the role’s menu. If you don’t have that item, you can simply click the detail to learn how to find it. If you have enough gems, you can easily get the required item by using them.

That’s all the guides of Super Brawl Universe game. If you have find something helpful, you can share with us via email. Thanks for your reading. Have a good fighting moment!