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Do you love stick them games? If yes, then you should not miss Stick Z Super Dragon Fight mobile game. In this game, you will control stick character to fight each other. These stick characters comes from dragon ball series. This makes the game more addictive. You will fight fight hundreds of enemies to become worthy of the title of Dragon Warrior. It is a long and challenge journey. You may need some help from our Stick Z Super Dragon Fight cheats and tips. So let’s start our guide now.

Don’t waste your energy on meaningless strikes. Each of your character has limited energy. Once the energy runs out, you will be game over. Each strike you fight in the arena will cost you energy. The amount of energy cost depends on your action. For example, a skill action will consume you 20 energy points. (By the way, you totally have 100 energy points. Your energy point will automatically recover during the rest.) Avoid random smashing of the screen to attack, especially when there are no enemies nearby. It is a good idea to wait for the right time to launch an attack.

Unlock characters as many as you can. The more characters you have, the more interesting you will feel in this game. You need coins to help you unlock a new character. It is not hard to earn coins in this game. You can get coins reward by defeating your enemies. The more enemies you know down, the more coins you will get. Also, watching ads is another option to earn coins, though you may feel boring during watching the ads. In addition, our favorite method to earn coins is making use of Stick Z Super Dragon Fight hack – which can help players generate required amount of coins and beans in the game.

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How to defeat the boss. Boss fighting is the most challenge task in this game. Boss is very strong in every stage of the game. But don’t worry. You can defeat them if you have patience. Generally, you need to defend yourself at the beginning when dealing with boss. You have to exhausted the boss’s stamina by running and dodging around the arena. Once you find it stop attacking, you should run back to it. Then use the powerful strike to hit it. This is what we usually do when fighting with boss.

Finally, it is not easy to best stick fighter, but with the help of Stick Z Super Dragon Fight tips, you will make it eventually.