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Space Justice Galaxy Shooter is a classic shooting game with your space ships. There are more than 30 solar systems for you to conquer, each consisting of dozens of planets to be captured. Launch your space ship weapons and start to fight against the unknown foe. Show off your style with a unique command to your battlecruiser. Ruling galaxies is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a helpful thing that you have our Space Justice Galaxy Shooter cheats and tips right now! You will learn everything you need to know with this guide.

There are more than 20 missions in this game. Once you start the game, you can let the mission guide you how to control your spaceship. Make sure you prioritize the tutorial tasks at the beginning to ensure that you start on the right track. After you complete the tutorial, you will be more freedom to do what you want. If you want to be more familiar with the system, you can replay the beginning tasks more and more!

Know your weapons. You must know that each spaceship can load up more than one weapon. Each weapon has its own unique impact on your enemy. So when choosing a weapon to load up, you should pay more attention to their weakness. For example, tanks cannon are useless for big warships. They can only help you fight against the minions of the warships. Most importantly, make sure your space ships are stronger than your enemy’s.

As mentioned above, you need a stronger spaceship to defeat your enemy. So you have to improve your spaceships as soon as you can. You need crystals during the upgrading period. Generally speaking, the game will reward you some crystals after you completing each task. However, most players complaint that it is impossible to earn large amount of crystals in a short time. Well, indeed you can make use of Space Justice Galaxy Shooter hack to get crystals for you. This is the winning secret of professional players.

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Pay attention to your formation. Owning a strong spaceship is not enough to make you win each battle, especially the later boss fighting. You need a good formation to increase your winning chance. If you don’t pay attention to your formation, you can let your ships be blown up by weaker fleets that are well formed. So remember to check your spaceships formation before going to boss fighting.

Now it is the time to save the galaxy! Make sure you follow our Space Justice Galaxy Shooter cheats and tips above and your spaceships will be invincible!