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Are you ready to fight for your honor and glory? Soul Destiny is a game which you can’t miss. The game features high-quality graphics and high-definition audio. You can experience immersive 3D sound and multi player fighting system in the game. The story starts in the Keynesian Empire. You need to find reliable partners to fight with you. Getting your spouse is the most exciting part of the game. This unique feature makes the game stand out of the similar type. Though the game seems to be easy to take control, you will encounter more difficulties after you play it for a while. That’s why we give you the latest Soul Destiny cheats and tips.

Be familiar with mission complete. Every RPG type game will require you to complete tasks to move your gaming progress forward. This game is not an exception. You also need to complete certain tasks to push the game forward. This will also help your characters grow and develop, as well as unlock additional features and game modes when you reach a certain level. Though there are many missions implemented in this game, you should start from the initial tasks. They are designed to help you understand how the fighting system run. After complete the tasks, you will get experience points and other resource from it.

Unlock legendary rings. Once you enter into the main story line, you will be required to unlock the legendary rings. Once you have completed a chapter related to the completion of all the fragments of a ring, you can unlock it. Legendary rings will grand you special power during your fighting. They are also the keys to unlock the whole fighting map. Every ring you unlock can be upgraded with diamonds. The higher level you ring is, the stronger power you will be granted. You may want to know how exactly to get more diamonds to upgrade your rings. Well, the most simple way to get them is buying them in the game play store. Some players may not want to spend money on the game. Then they can try Soul Destiny hack – a working cheat engine to generate diamonds to specific account.

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Getting spouse as soon as you can. Spouse system is the most interesting part in this game. With the help of spouse, you can fight easily than before. There are some specific skills only can be activated in spouse mode. What’s more, you can get many benefits from your spouse (such as fighting support, health support, etc.) As a result, we suggest every player find their spouse as soon as they can.

That’s the whole Soul Destiny game play guide. We hope you do learn something useful from it. Thanks for your time.