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Smashing Four Cheats – Guide to get more gems hack

Smashing Four is a game which will keep you busy for some weeks. You goal is to build your fearless crushing four teams and fight your way to the top. Before you start, you have to form a team of four characters. Once you enter the arena, you have to make up amazing strategy plan to defeat your opponent. The higher level arena you go to, the high value rewards you will earn. So prepare your team to fight for glory and honer now. If you want to win in this game, you need to focus on good team formation and attack strategy. Be sure to read our latest Smashing Four cheats and tips below.

Prepare good team formation for battle. You have to put four heroes into your startup team to kickoff the fighting. At the beginning, you have no more choice, just use the default setting. You will use this team to fight for a few battles. Once you finish the first battles, you will have option to pick up two more heroes. Then you can choose which hero will stay in your team and which one will leave your team. The best formation depends on your game style, but in general, it’s a good idea to put different types into your team. By doing this, you will have more balance formation.

Our first choice should be that put tank and support heroes in the back of your team, fighter and remote units in front of the team. In order to unlock more heroes, you need gems’ help. Completing daily task will give you opportunity to earn gems. But it’s not considerable amount to most players. If you want fast and big amount of gems, we suggest you make use of Smashing Four hack. This cheat has been updated to the latest version. So it should be no problem to generate unlimited gems to your game account without banned.

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Make use of obstacles to defeat your enemy. There are several types of obstacles in the game. They are pits, spikes, and flames. Each stage has its own obstacle. You need to figure out which one will be appear in your stage so that you can make use of it. Trying to lead your enemy into these obstacles as close as you can. Once they are close to these traps, you have to immediately run away and let your remote unit to take control the battle. With in a few minutes, you will see your enemy are destroyed by these obstacles. It is a good trick to kill the enemy who are stronger than yours.

We are sure that you will reach the top ranking in the arena if you stick to our Smashing Four cheats tips.