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Skylanders Ring of Heroes Cheats – Guide for more gems hack

The brand new Skylanders Mobile RPG finally out for download. In the Skylanders: Ring of Heroes game, you will reassemble the team by collecting more than hundreds of skylanders. Mix and match your skylanders into a perfect deck, help them release their full power in the fighting. Admittedly, this is something we haven’t seen in other RPG games. You may be very familiar with this type of game’s mechanisms. However, there are always some points you have not noticed, sometimes, you find yourself abandoned at some level. That’s why we share the latest Skylanders Ring of Heroes cheats and tips to help get through each level.

Know your Skylanders’ abilities. You shouldn’t ignore the fact that each of your skylander has its own special startup ability. Use them wisely can take up the whole fighting. During your battle, you should pay attention to special icons carefully. They usually indicates that you have occasionally launch some super powerful attacks to your enemy. In addition, you should look for red arrows that correspond to your skylander. If you see them, that means your skylander has a strong resistance to the enemies, and their attack power will increase a lot. This calls high-power-double attack. You should always try to release these attacks when you are facing strong enemy.

Try to collect more free gifts. The game provides a free gift system. It is easy to figure out how to get into this system. You just need to complete two easy tasks, then you will be able to access free reward system. There, you can open free gift box (it usually contains gold and gems). The higher level your tasks are, the bigger the free gift box you can open after victory. Here, you should pay more attention to gems. They are the required currency to improve your skylanders. Besides opening gift box, you can also buy gems in the game store with your real money. Our favorite method to get gems is using Skylanders Ring of Heroes hack. No matter how many gems you request, this cheat can generate them to your account.

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Focused on your main Skylanders party. As your levels go higher, you will have more opportunity to collect more Skylanders. Once your have good amount of Skylanders, you will feel confused on choosing them for battle. Our advice is that pick the most frequently used Skylanders as your first choice. Only focus on them, don’t spend too much energy and resources on those who are basically sitting on the bench.

That’s all tips and cheats for Skylanders Ring of Heroes game so far. If you want share your tricks with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.