SINoALICE Cheats – Guides for more crystals hack

SINoALICE is fantasy mobile game which is modified by its famous animation in Japan. This game makes a good balance between fascinating story lines and unforgettable characters design. Every one will love it when they start to play this game. And the simple game control, it is easy for everyone to learn and enjoy. The more time you spend on learning how to play this game well, the better you will perform in each battle. If you want to find a way to complete each gaming chapters more effectively, you should really take a look at our SINoALICE cheats and tips.

Change your heroes wisely during fighting. When you have a battle in SINoALICE game, you can totally deploy four heroes into the battlefield. However, not every hero will take part in the battle immediately. You can only send two of them to the fighting. The rest of heroes will stand by in this fighting until you send role changing command. Every player knows that the current fighting heroes will become weaker and weaker when they have lots of battles at the same time. If you don’t want your heroes dies in the battle, you’d better switch the badly hurt heroes with your back up ones. During the rest time, your badly hurt heroes will regenerate its HP and MP accordingly. That’s why you should pay more attention to your heroes’ HP during the battle.

Spend more time on improving your heroes’ level. We can assure you that, the game will become slowly harder and harder after you complete chapter two. You need to work hard to improve your heroes’ level so that you can fight with your enemies with a normal speed. Usually you need to complete lots of tasks to train your heroes’ level. Through normal competition, you may earn enough crystals to equip one hero with the best equipment in this game. But if you want to improve the whole hero team, you have to prepared large amount of crystals. That’ why you need SINoALICE hack to help you get good amount of crystals in this game. Only use this hack when you feel you are out of crystal in the game if you don’t want to get in trouble.

use SINoALICE mod

Don’t forget to explore hidden treasures in every battlefield. According to our experience, there are some rare materials hidden in the battlefield randomly. You need make sure to explore every corner of the battlefield to dig them out. What you need to pay more attention is the flash points. When you find such points, you should dig deeply in the ground. There is a high chance you will get rare items in such points.

This would be the whole guide of SINoALICE game play. If you find something new about this game, you can share with us.