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Shop Titans: Design & Trade is a game which allows players to create their battle shops. You can sell and trade rare products there. This game is more than a simple shopping game. It merges RPG elements into the game – which means that you can build your weapons and armors for your own heroes, help them and support them during the fighting. You final goal in the game is to create a unique powerful shop in the village and expand your titan shop business around the world. It is not easy to master all shopkeeper’s skill. But don’t worry, our Shop Titans: Design & Trade cheats and tips will help you with your shop titan journey.

Learn the craft lesson firstly. As a craft man, you need to know how to craft resource quickly and smartly. Fortunately, the game has provided a quick tutorial for new players to get started. Remember every weapon and armor is made of ingredients with unique formula. As long as you know how to get the required ingredients and formula, you will make a product easily. To complete the tutorial, you just need to follow the instruction of the screen.

Your first weapon should be a simple knife. Once you gather all the materials of the knife, you just need to click the formula button and tap produce. Then you will see a progress bar loading in the center of your main screen. It will take you about three minutes to complete the process. That’s it! It sounds simple to produce your first weapon.

How to craft rare resource? Many players wonder if they can collect enough rare resource to finish the rare products for their heroes. The answer is yes. You just have to make sure your shop is above level 50. Then a hidden map called Summer Forest will open. You can craft rare materials there. Just prepared yourself well when going into Summer Forest for rare materials. It is a dangerous place for many players. If you don’t pay attention to your equipment, you may be defeated badly in that area.

If you don’t want to take a risk to enter Summer Forest, you can purchase rare materials with gems. Gems are very important in this game. Frankly speaking, it can help you do everything in the game. You’d better collect them as many as you can. One of the most quickly way to earn gems is using Shop Titans hack. Based on our research, there are some top players are using this service to stay top in the ranking list in this game. So try it if you want it.

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Learn to modify the crafting formula. As mentioned earlier, you need materials and formula to produce a weapon or armor. The more formula you know, the better products you will make in your shop. Basically, a formula is consisted of RF data. To get a new formula, you just need modify the RF data. However, you can’t make sure you get the proper formula. You have to try it yourself.

Finally, if you want to make the best equipment and weapons for your heroes in this game, you should follow our Shop Titans tips and guides step by step.