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Are you looking for a ship simulation game to kill your time? If yes, don’t miss Ship Sim 2019 game. It is the most exciting and realistic ship simulator mobile game so far. The game lets you learn how to drive all kinds of ships including Cruise, Freight and Tanker. You will know every detail of each ship from external to internal. If you need some help to master all types of ships, you have to start from the very beginning. This is what we will focus on in our Ship Sim 2019 cheats and tips below.

The game provides two shipping systems for players. One is automatic shipping. When players set the ship to automatic mode, the ship will adjust everything according to the basic setting. The other is the manual shipping system. It requires lots of action to control the ship. Usually, if you are a new player, we suggest you choose automatic mode. This will save you time and energy to control your ship. However, you must keep in mind that not always trust the system control. You have to check the actual situation around the sea and make the relative adjustment. If you have more experience, or want to enjoy some more powerful shipping experience in the game, you should use the manual setting.

Once you reach certain milestones, you will get certain exp and credits. Credits can help you unlock more ships and enhance your current ship’s stats. You may already know that each ship has its own capacity. If you want your ship to load more items, you have to upgrade its level and stats. So credits become very important in this situation. In order to help you earn more credits instantly, we recommend you try Ship Sim 2019 hack. It is a credits generator for Ship Sim 2019 game. You can easily get millions credits using it.

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Try to adjust your view point when you are facing trouble. Sometimes, it is hard to find a perfect road to ship. Or you may find it not easy to control your ship in some specific map. Once you are in this trouble, we advise you change your viewing point. You can do that by clicking the rotate icon located in the top menu. After you rotate your viewing angle, you will find another view of the road. What you do is keep on rotating until you find the best roadmap of your shipping way.

These are all Ship Sim 2019 tips and cheats. We hope you lean the useful shipping knowledge from this article.