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Series Your Story Universe is a choice based mobile game. In this game, you will experience different stories with your characters. There are many choices games in the market. The game play mechanism is very similar. So if you have ever played one of this type of game, you should not worry how to start it. What impressive most users is that the story of this game is based on the NBCUniversal. You are able to explore more than seven story lines in the game. With different settings and game stories, the game play may become overwhelming. So we provide you Series Your Story Universe cheats and tips for your reference.

Customize your role. Before each chapter, you can custom your role’s appearance as you desired. Generally, you just need to focus on the eyes’ color and hair when doing the customization. You can slip your finger in the main screen to choose which color you like. Once you decide it, you can click the preview button to check it out. If you don’t like it, you can reset it to the default value.

Pick your favorite story to start. As mentioned before, there are more than seven story lines in this game. According to the developers, there will be more coming out. So prepare to spend more time to clear all the stories. OK. Let’s get to our topic now. A good story will help you earn more gems quickly in this game. So you should choose a story with easy required achievement to start with. For example, you can consider ‘Vanderpump Rules’ as your first choice when you are new to this game. It is easy to clear all the chapters in this story.

Every one want to know how to unlock premium content and hidden story line quickly. As the game said, you need spend gems to unlock them. Usually 100 gems can unlock one hidden chapter, 500 gems will unlock the whole premium story. That means you need to have lots of gems in your game account. Don’t worry, you can make use of Series Your Story Universe hack to earn gems for your account. It has been widely used in the past few weeks. No issue founded so far.

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What’s more important, when you have enough gems, you can get early access to the new coming content. They are fresh and romantic. Just stay tuned for fresh story line updates.

This would be the whole Series Your Story Universe guide. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your time.