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Sea Fortress is a fleet war title theme mobile game. The game allows players to custom their own fleets with their ideas. You need to prove your leadership in various of wars. Your mission is to destroy your enemy submarines, aircraft carriers and other vessels as many as you can. You can also gather your allies to join your fleet, make fighting strategies together. Of course, Sea Fortress is a challenge game for many players. It will cost you much time to deploy your tactics. That’s why we share our Sea Fortress tips and cheats to save your time.

Know how exactly your fleet consist of. Generally, a fleet will consist of several other types of ships. They all have destroyers, submarines, aircraft carriers and battleships. You need to make them deploy in the proper formation. Admittedly, these little units are not strong as the giant carriers. However, if you have large amount of this units – I mean lots of them, you can beat a giant carrier with them. Here, scale them up is the key to defeat the stronger enemies.

Focus upgrading on your main building. You must find that your entire base depends on the headquarters. Every thing you need will be produced here. So you should make sure put your mainly investment into the headquarters upgrade. Remember, before upgrade your base, you have to deploy it into the center ocean. Once you see a yellow flash, it means that your headquarters is ready to be use. Upgrading your headquarters will cost you gold (a game currency). Usually, under level 30, you will need about 100 gold for each level up. If your headquarters reach level 30, you will need more gold to upgrade it to the higher level. Experienced players will make use of Sea Fortress hack to generate gold to their accounts. It is a fast and secure way to harvest gold in this game so far.

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Take advantage of exchange market. Exchange market is very helpful in the game if you use it wisely. Every two days, there will be new resources and items appear in the exchange market. Some of them are rare. Some of them can’t be bought in the game store. To get them, you need to exchange with your own resource. For example, the power boosters for giant carrier only can be exchange from the ‘Black Star’ merchant ships with your ship’s engine. So if you want rare items, you should make sure to check exchange market every two days.

This guide has summarized some useful tips for playing Sea Fortress game. We hope it will help you build your strong fleet quickly. Thanks for reading.