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Saint Seiya Galaxy Spirits Cheats – Guide for Diamonds hack

If there were a game will recapture your childhood memories, I would said that Saint Seiya Galaxy Spirits is one of them. In this game, you will burn your cosmos again. The game will bring you into a familiar scene in the animation – the battle for the Sanctuary. The game offers a variety of roles (most of them will recall your memories). You can choose them to fight with you. The feature of 3v3 battles mode makes the game more interesting. You can deploy 3 saint teams to fight against your opponent in this mode. If you are somewhat confused about how to enhance your saint fighters in the game, or you want to find the best way to improve your game play progress, then you should read our Saint Seiya Galaxy Spirits cheats and tips.

Complete the first day’s task as soon as possible. This is a must do option. You will not get S star hero until you complete all the tasks listed in first day. These type of tasks also aim at providing some useful tutorials for new players. You will get 30 level points after you complete each task on day one. There are total seven tasks. So after day one’s battle, you will eventually earn 210 level points. That’s enough to unlock your first S star hero. Don’t be upset when you fail some battles. Retry them again, you just need time to achieve the day one goal.

Make each role to be stronger enough. When you are fighting in the later stages of the games, you will need more stronger heroes to help you win. There are many ways to acquire stronger heroes. The most used method is to upgrade them and develop their powerful skills. Diamonds can help you upgrade your each hero. You can buy diamonds with real world money in the game play store. I have to say, some players are very smart. They are using Saint Seiya Galaxy Spirits hack to harvest diamonds into their account without being banned. That’s why they can always stay on the top of the player list.

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Invite more friends as long as you can. Every friend you bring to the game will give you three diamonds, and you can get as many as 300 diamonds each month. What’s more, you can build more fighting formation with your friends, participate in more different group battles. Invite more friends will bring you lots of benefits in the game.

At last, we hope this Saint Seiya Galaxy Spirits guide will get you ready to arm yourself and call your allies to fight for your galaxian wars.