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Saint Seiya Awakening is another Saint Seiya themed mobile games. You may have played lots for games related to Saint Seiya animation before. But this game will give you a brand new gaming experience which other games can’t promise you. It is a 3D version RPG game. You can build your saint team in this game, enhance their ability to help you protect Athena. You are able to experience different battle system in the game without upgrading your mobile devices. To help you conquer the game quickly, we share you Saint Seiya Awakening cheats and tips below for your reference.

Pay attention to the speed attribute of your saints. We can tell you that the order of attacking in this game is decided by your character’s speed. The fastest saint will make an attack firstly. So we advise you spend time on enhance your saints’ speed attribute. It is very difficult to enhance all your saints’ speed at the same time. You just need to focus on your main character. Make its speed faster and faster as soon as you can.

Do use manual game play system. Although the game provides two battle modes for players (one is auto battle, the other is manual battle), we strongly recommend you choose the manual battle system. Because you can’t control how and when your characters attack in the auto battle. The system just follow the default setting to control your character’s action. Conversely, you control everything in the manual battle (such as which skill to release).

Use diamonds to summon more saints. There are totally six slots in your team. That means that you can add up to six saints fighters into your team. Summon saints is the only way to get all the fighters in this game. Many players complaint that it is not easy to earn good amount of diamonds. That may be true if you are not strong enough in this game. But don’t worry. You can use Saint Seiya Awakening hack to generate lots of diamonds for you. So if you are out of diamonds, you can take it a try.

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Remember to check your energy when you are running battle in the main story mode. The reason of why so many players failed the main story mode is running out of energy. They forgot to refill their saint’s energy when they are hurt. So you must always check your character’s energy status. Once you find something weird, you’d better use diamonds to buy more energy for your saints.

Ok. This is the whole guide for Saint Seiya Awakening game play. We hope you find useful tips from this article. Thanks for your time.