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Runway Story Cheats – Simple guide for more coins hack

Runway Story is a fashion related mobile game. The game will let you show your own design to satisfy all group of people around the world. You goal is to help Jaime and Jerome design exquisite clothes and bring happiness to every one dress it. You have to challenge multiple puzzles to help the twins reach their fashion goal. As you will find, full filling your dreams from scratch is not all fun, or we should say, not all flashiness. So if you encounter some difficulties in your game play, we suggest you read our Runway Story cheats and tips for help.

Continue solving puzzle which you have confident. You know, you have to clear the each level by solving specific puzzle. The good thing of this game is that it allow you to play each level as many times as you want. After completing the puzzle, you will get gifts of that stage. These gifts will help your fashion design in the later game play. So you should keep them safe and secured. How does continue playing specific level work? Every 2 hours or so, you can replay the previous stage to get more gifts. Talking to the stages you select, we recommend you pick the easy one which you have more confident to clear it within a short time. By doing this, you will have more time to complete the puzzle as much as you can.

Spend coins on clothing. Clothing plays a very important role in fashion design. The more beautiful clothes you have, the more amazing design you will pull out from your mind. As a result, you will get high score rating of your design. So how do you get more coins? The answer is simple. Just complete more puzzle tasks as long as you can. If you want free instant coins, you can rely on Runway Story hack tool. It will help you get desired amount of coins to your game account without being banned by the server.

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When you have no idea how to do in the game, you can visit the every locations open in the game. Talking to the people you meet there, you will always find something inspired from their mind. It is a good resource for your fashion design. Sharing interesting photos to your friends will help you gain more stars in the game. Once you are able to do so, you should do it right away. Don’t waste the free opportunity to get stars.

This is our whole guide for playing Runway Story. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something which can help you improve in the fashion design.