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Rumble Stars is a crazy and explosive soccer related mobile game. You will lead your epic star team to champion league from the beginning. There are more than 50 levels in the game, more than 200 goals and challenges, and when you move from the bottom to the major leagues, you can choose to customize your characters with unique formation. The game requires excellent strategy and flexible formation. If your mind can’t change quickly according to the real situation, you will hard to move your team to a next level. Take it easy, our Rumble Stars cheats and tips will give you what you need in the game to help you get off a good start in this game.

Make sure you place the rumblers in the right position. Every character has its own perfect position in the soccer arena. You need to discovery it one by one. It does take time to master all the characters’ perfect position, but it is worth. Proper positioning is the most important thing, you need to focus carefully. When the situation changes in the arena, you should make the necessary adjustments. For example, when you find that there are too many defense-men around the goalkeeper, then you should avoid the straight forward attack, instead, change your formation into side attack.

Unlock more epic rumblers in the game. We can tell you without doubt epic rumblers are the keys to win the game. The person who owns the good amount of epic rumblers will control the whole game in their hands. You need gems (premium currency) to purchase epic rumblers in the game store. Generally, the higher level of the rumblers are, the more gems it need to unlock them. Besides getting gems from the game reward system, you can also try Rumble Stars hack – a trusty gems generator in the market so far. You only need to fill some basic information, then you will get required amount of gems. It is easy and helpful for most Rumble Stars players.

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Try to make more difficult goals in the game. As you may found that, different goals will result in getting different points. Usually, a more difficult kick can earn you more points than a simple, straightforward kick. In other words, if you want to score more points in the game, the key is to shoot skillfully – try to make your ball be closer to the edge of the net when kicking your goal.

This guide has summarized the most important things in Rumble Stars game. If you have discovered other tricks, don’t hesitate to share with us.