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Rival Stars Horse Racing Cheats – Guides for more gold hack

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a game which can give your full horse racing experience in your pocket devices. In this game, you can train your horse with your knowledge, put them into racing and fight for victory. Your goal is restore your family tradition and become champion in horse racing league. Test your professional skills and create the ultimate horse racing team – that’s the key to be a horse racing winner. There are many racing waiting for you. You must learn everything you need to know about horse racing to succeed in the game. Here we provide you Rival Stars Horse Racing cheats and tips for your reference.

Train your horse before getting into racing. You will get some horses as your first partners at the beginning of the game. Each of them has its own statistical data including speed, sprint energy and acceleration. You will find that these attributes are quite low at the beginning. You have to train them to help improve their racing performance. You can choose the horse’s training ground, but it has little effect on the training results. What you should focus on here is the door training. It has great impact on your horse performance. Usually, you can train your horse with a light way and heavy way. The difference between them is that your horse will have more pressure under heavy training. So don’t rush to heavy training frequently.

Try to build more horse stables and upgrade your training facilities. Having more hose stables will let you own more horses for your family. This means that you will have more choices to pick which horse to participate in the racing. Training facilities can help you improve your horses’ racing abilities. The higher level your facilities are, the more improvements your horse will get after training. You need gold to complete these two achievements. It is not easy to earn big amount of gold in this game. Thus, many players ask Rival Stars Horse Racing hack for help. Based on our experiments, the hacking service does work. It will give you full amount of gold as your request.

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Don’t forget the breeding system. The game allows you to breed the next generation of your horses. Once you find you can’t ways to break through your current horses’ level and abilities, you can try to use their gene to create a powerful generation in a genetic breeding system. But remember, the breeding action will cost you several amount of gold. What’s more important, you can make sure the breeding will succeed. So think carefully before you take horse breeding.

This is the whole guide for Rival Stars Horse Racing game. Hope you get something useful in this article. Thanks for your reading.