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Revue Starlight Re LIVE is a round-based strategic game with all elements of an animation – Revue Starlight. You will have chance to meet and control all the familiar characters in the animation. The game features classic round-based fighting system. The beautiful 3D graphics make the fighting more attractive and vivid. So far the game has been download for millions times. It has successfully attracted all ages players to take part in the fighting group. Whether you are hard-core animation fans or not, you will love this game. To help you upgrade your main stage girls quickly, we share you Revue Starlight Re LIVE cheats and tips below.

Build your best combat formation. If you want to win the battle, you’d better have your own best strategy – create your own combat formation. Many players just let the system decides their fighting formation – which make it hard to defeat your enemies every time. Before create your own formation, you have to have a clear idea of how combat formation works and where to put your fighting girls to ensure maximum effectiveness in combat. Well, we will give you summary guideline here:

  • Always give priority to put your long-range attack girls in the back of your formation. Make sure they have enough DPS weapons to support your fighting.
  • Place your strong stage girls in front of your formation. Make sure they have full health before fighting.

Once you know how the formation works in the fighting, you will know that the best formation of your team should be “Y” type. Just try your best to place your girls in the battlefield with a “Y” type. As a result, you will achieve maximum combat effectiveness.

In the game, you need gems to upgrade your main stage girls’ data. To earn enough gems, you need to complete missions as many as you can. Amount them, we recommend you give high priority to immediate missions – they will cost you less time to finish. When you are looking for immediate mission, you just need to focus on the mission icon. Because every immediate mission has “IMME” logo. By the way, the top players will give favor to Revue Starlight Re LIVE hack when they need gems. Because there is no limit when using hacking service to harvest gems in this game.

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Use gems to shorten the upgrade time. Each time you upgrade your stage girls, your game play progress will be held for some time. The higher level your girls are, the more time you need to finish the upgrade. In case you need to skip the waiting period, you can spend gems to achieve this. However, if you have little gems in your account, you should think twice carefully before your do this.

That’s the whole guide for Revue Starlight Re LIVE game. If you want to share your tricks with us, just hit us email.