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The most authentic and complete cricket game is now available for worldwide players – Real Cricket 19. In this new series, player can experience a brand new longest and purest cricket game. The game promises to give players real competition conditions and game experience in this new season. You can challenge more campaigns in all tournaments. If you are new to this cricket championship, you’d better take a look at our Real Cricket 19 cheats and tips before you kickoff the game. Because you will get all important things you need to know how to become a real cricket champion.

Know the best hitting point in your cricket bat. We all know that different areas of the bat can provide different ways of hitting. As a result, you will hit the ball with different strength and angle. Getting to know the best hitting point of your bat will let you take the match easily. So how do you know the best hitting of your bat? Well, this needs lots of experiments. More ever, different bat has different perfect hitting point in the game. We can only tell you that, generally, the perfect hitting point of a bat is located in the middle. It may not correct for some bats. You have to figure it out via experiment.

Coins and tickets are two important resources in this game. You need coins to help you upgrade your cricket performance (such as unlock powerful bat and improve your players’ energy point). On the other hand, tickets will help you expand your family stadium. The larger your stadium is, the more incomes you will earn from the match. Coins are easy to earn in this game. Usually, you can get them by defeating your opponents in the cricket match. However, it is not easy to get tickets in this game. It is a random reward given by the system. Based on our experience, using Real Cricket 19 hack can help you earn enough tickets within a few minutes. So if you need it, you should try the hacking service in your device.

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Learn to know your batter completely. Batters are the key to win the champion for your team. They have different skills and habits. You can find each batter’s status in your main screen menu. There, you should focus on the energy section. Once you find some batters’ energy is higher than average, you should put them in front of your team. – This is the most used trick from the top players. Take it, and use it.

Finally, we hope this real cricket guide have covered all you need to become a champion in this game.