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Pokémon games can always attract players’ attentions. A new game called Pokémon Rumble Rush has pop up in the Google game play store. The story of this game happens in the unknown island – where you will meet and fight with various Pokémon. Your goal is to win every Super Boss Rush with your own Pokémon. There are also different types of unknown Pokémon in this game. They are waiting for you to discover and capture. All this said, let’s stop wasting time, because we will show you Pokémon Rumble Rush cheats and tips to train your Pokémon into a strong level.

Complete an extensive training course. The training course is here to help you understand how to game runs. Although it takes much time to complete, you should never skip it. First, you will receive a message telling you start your new journey in your inbox system. Read the details carefully, it will show you how to start and complete your first Pokémon training course. Also, there is a time limit during your training. If you complete it in time, your Pokémon will get some upgrade points. However, if you fail it, you have to restart the whole course from the beginning.

Once you have completed several stages, you will find that it it not easy anymore for you to defeat your enemy Pokémon as before. That’s because the enemy Pokémon will become more and more stronger in the later stage. If you still keep your current Pokémon in an average level, you will find it hard to defeat your enemy. What you should do is upgrade your Pokémon as soon as possible. Gems are the premium items in this game. They can help you do lots of things. But the most important one is upgrade your Pokémon to the on you want to. Here you will get Pokémon Rumble Rush hack to help you generate enough gems into your account. It is a good choice for many players who want to earn instant gems and poke coins in this game.

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Repeat each entry in the island. You have to be aware that the game features content auto updated function. That means that, every two weeks, there will be new story and new Pokémon add to the unknown island. If you want to capture more different and rare Pokémon, you have to reenter the island again. Explore each place to find your dream Pokémon. It dose take time, but it is worth. Also remember to take your stronger Pokémon into your team before repeat this entry.

This guide has wrapped up some important tips of Pokémon Rumble Rush game. We hope you get the useful information to help your Pokémon game play.