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Pokémon Masters Cheats – 3 minutes guide for more gems hack

Pokémon Masters is a three-to-three battle RPG game. This time, the Pokémon story occur in the new island – Passio! Players will experience a brand new and exciting Pokémon training adventure in this game. Your goal is to try your best to become a champion in each Masters League. As usual, you can capture your dream monsters to build a powerful monster team. You can also cooperate with other players to fight against your opponents. Before starting this adventure, we recommend you read a complete list of Pokémon Masters cheats and tips below.

Be sure to take part in the training mode. In order to help players get used to this game quickly, the developers have introduce a training mode for each players. In there, you will start the game battle from the beginning. You will also lean the whole playing process of this game. What’s more important, you will get some rewards after the training. So don’t skip this training mode even you think you a pro player. In the meantime, there is no interesting system in this training mode – called ‘linked-battle’. That means that you can connect your friends in the training mode to fight against each other. But the battle result will not counted into your ranking system.

Use crowding tactics smartly. If you want to gain an advantage over your opponent, you should take a consider of using crowding tactics. In order to fulfill this tactics, you need a good amount of monsters in your battle team. We mean as many monsters as you can. Once you have lots of monsters, you can send them all into your opponents area – surround your opponents with your own monsters. As a result, your opponent can not move any step in the battle. You can do what you want in such battle. As said before, the key of this tactics is own more monsters. So you need gems to help you capture more monsters to implement this battle plan. Earning gems is a difficult thing before Pokémon Masters hack existence. After its show up, the process of harvesting gems become more and more easier.

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Make use of game matching system. You may already know that the game use matching system to pair each battle. That means that if you want to battle with low level players you have to decrease your own level. Some players may ask why should I do that? Is it a joke to decrease your monster’s level? Nope. We do this is to make sure we can battle with some low level players. So that we can beat them in a higher chance. As a result, we can get more rewards in each battle (winning will reward you three times resources).

These would be the whole guide of Pokémon Masters game. We hope you get useful tips from this post. Thanks for your reading.