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Pinatamasters Cheats – Easy guides for more gems hack

Pinatamasters is a casual action mobile game. You can choose up to 50 crazy weapons to help you complete your mission. Of course, you have to unlock them before they can be used. As the game incorporates leisure style, so you will feel relax in every stage. You don’t need to rush to shoot your target. You can play the game with your own pace. There are countless rewards waiting for you in this game. You get them without doubt if you can rank high in the player list. We are here to help you unlock all weapons and get high rank in the game with our Pinatamasters cheats and tips.

Focus on the angles and force. Each time you shoot to your target, make sure you put the right force and adjust the correct angle. It may be difficult when you are in the first few shootings. Once you are used to it, you will find the physical law of the whole shooting. Well, the learning process need patient and energy. Don’t give up when you fail. Just keep practicing. Here is a useful hint for new players – when you looking at the target, you should click on the glasses icon which located in the left side of the screen. It will help you focus on your target easily.

As we have said that, there are more than 50 crazy weapons in the game. You need to unlock them to help you proceed more difficult levels. Gems are the necessary resource to unlock these weapons. It is easy to get gems at the first three stages. However, it will become more and more difficult when you play the game for a while. That’s why many players ask Pinatamasters hack for help in recent days. Generally speaking, players can easily get lots of gems under the help of this hacking service. So if you need it, you can have a try.

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Once you have enough gems, you can unlock the most wanted weapons in the game. When you choose which weapon to unlock, we advise you pick the special projectiles as your first choice. Because they contain special ability during the shooting. For example, electric laser is one of the special projectiles. When you use it, it can launch an electric field around the target. At a result, the target can not move anyway.

That’s the whole guide for Pinatamasters game. Thanks for your reading.