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Do you like playing golf? If yes, you should try PGA TOUR Golf Shootout – a new golf theme mobile game. The game let you challenge the real rivals around the world in a confrontational mode. If you don’t like combat with real players, you can just enter its TPC courses in single-player mode. No matter which mode you choose, you need to know how to swing your golf club perfectly. Otherwise, it is hard for you to win the tour championship. Don’t worry. We have brought you the latest PGA TOUR Golf Shootout cheats and tips to help you improve your golf skills.

Pay attention to your each strike. If you have played real golf, you will know that strength plays a very important role in such game. Suitable strength can let your ball pass through the whole golf course. However, sometimes, you may pull your ball in the red zone area using strong strike. That will give you trouble in the game. Once your ball lands in the red zone, you can’t take a second strike again in the current round. It may take a lot of time and practice to measure how much strength you need to put in your strike, but for beginners, try not to use the maximum power, but start at a lower power level and try to adjust it later.

Learn from your rivals when facing real players. As mentioned before, you can challenge real players in the multi game play mode. Before you strike your club, you can try to observe how the first player shoots. You may not need to see all of it, but at least it should give you an idea of how to hit the ball for the first time. Then you can adopt what you think works well in that specific courses and areas. The key here is learn and improve what you see from your rivals. It will help you develop more golf tricks in the later match.

Find more gold to upgrade your current golf clubs. Upgrading your golf club can lead to an increase in strength, thereby increasing your stroke distance. What’s more, if you are not satisfy with your current golf club, you can unlock more new powerful golf clubs with gold. Earning gold is not a tough job in this game if you make use of PGA TOUR Golf Shootout hack. With the help of cheat engine, you can get large amount of gold in each generation – this should be enough for most of the players.

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Don’t miss the free gifts. In this game, you will get free 300 silver coins each hour. You can also earn extra gifts by watching the video advertisements. Make sure to take advantage of these free rewards, as it will help you make the game play progress move faster.

This is the whole guide for PGA TOUR Golf Shootout game. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us after reading this article.