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Perfect World Mobile is new game transfer from a PC version. Yet, it has been applied many new function to this classic RPG game. As we heard, this game has been developed for years (long development process). Now it finally published in both iOS and android platforms. In this game, you can experience a familiar ultimate Xianxia fantasy. Gathering your friends and developing your battle skills to dominate the new world adventure. To help you get used to the skill enhancement system and master the game quickly, we provide you Perfect World Mobile cheats and tips! Let’s start our perfect adventure now!

There more than four types of heroes in Perfect World Mobile. You need to choose one of the type to start your adventure. For example, these are four usual class heroes in the game : warriors, mages, priests and assassins. Each of them has its powerful skills and disadvantages. Don’t judge the hero type before you try them. There is no hard rule here which class of hero you need to pick at the start of the game. If you ask us, we will recommend you pick the simplest one to begin. Anyway, just follow your favor ones and create the avatar to start your journey.

Learn vampire skill as soon as you can. This is the most important skill for every hero in the game. With this magical skill, you survival rate will increase a lot in the battle. Basically, once you activate this skill for your heroes, their HP will regenerated every second. What’s more important, you can steal life point from your enemies once this skill reach level nine. You can see all the life statistics by clicking on the middle button while stealing life point. Once your life is full, you can’t take this action anymore on your enemies.

Level up your guardians using gold ingot. In order to deal with high level enemies, you have to level up your heroes and guardians frequently. Gold ingot is what you need during leveling your guardians. If you are struggling in getting more ingot, try Perfect World Mobile hack on your account. In addition, it is not hard to earn gold ingot in the game if you have enough time – you can take part in the daily quests one by one. No matter which way you use to earn gold ingot, you’d better earn them quickly.

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Discover more maps. After playing a while of the game, you may find that you can only access some certain map area in the game. That’s because you are not enough strong to explore more map areas. You have to reach level 50+ to unlock more map areas. We suggest you replay the current map battles more than three times to make your hero strong. Spend more time on training your hero so that you can access more map area in the future!

That’s whole guide of Perfect World Mobile game. If you find another tips about the game play, be sure to drop us an email!