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One Punch Man Road to Hero Cheats – Guide for more diamonds hack

Good news for One Punch Man fans. There is a new mobile game called One Punch Man Road to Hero. It’s a brand new game, the story of which is totally based on the animation. In the game, you have to build your strong team to fight against the monsters. The game also allows players battle from one city to another one without waiting. As for the combat system, you must be familiar with it – round system. The difficulty of this game is how to improve your team’s level and equipment quickly. That’s why we share you One Punch Man Road to Hero cheats and tips in this post.

Don’t judge your hero only by power level. Based on our research, many players just pay attention to their hero’s power level. So they just focus on power level’s enhancement. Well, we can assure that this is not a proper way to fight against the monsters in the battle. Besides power level, you should also need to pay attention to your hero’s faction. Different faction has different effect in the fighting. For example, if your hero comes from a fire faction, then when he/she deal with the hero come from water faction, he/she will become weaker no matter how strong his/her power level is. This means that it is very possible to defeat the stronger monsters even if your level is lower than theirs.

Upgrade your heroes frequently. As the game progress, you will find more difficult to know down the monsters in the later stage. This is a common issue of all RPG games. You need to improve your hero’s level and equipment. The stronger of your heroes are, the more quickly you can clear each stage. All you have to do is collect diamonds as many as you can in the game. With lots of diamonds, you can easily improve your heroes into a higher level with powerful equipment. You may ask how to get such lots of diamonds. Well, here we recommend you try One Punch Man Road to Hero hack – a new diamond generator for this game. Evey one can collect enough diamonds if they use this tool.

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Have more tries on hero’s improvement. No one can assure that he can get a satisfy upgrade for just one or two hero’s improvement. Sometimes, you have to make seven or nine tries to get a good hero’s upgrade. To judge the upgrade good or bad, you just need to send your upgraded hero to the battle arena to fight. Watch their fighting results. A five-stars battle result should be consider as a good rating. So you can see what is your hero’s rating via battle.

These would be the latest guide for One Punch Man Road to Hero game. If you want share your thoughts with us, just hit our email.