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Good news for all Nonstop Knight fans. A new game series called Nonstop Knight 2 is available to play now. In this new season, the game has been applied many new exciting functions – which make it a new era of action RPG. You are able to collect armor, equip powerful weapons in this game. You can also discover new abilities of your character, compete with other players on new dungeon mode. The publisher has made sure that the game fits all players’ casual experience. So you can learn the game play process quickly. What’s more important, our Nonstop Knight 2 cheats and tips will give you clues on how to get better equipment and conquer the game easily.

Buy hidden skill ‘Coin-Slip’ as soon as you can. Many players want to how to earn coins quickly. The answer is to get ‘coin-slip’ skill as soon as possible. Once you equip this hidden skill to your character, you will get triple coins each time you defeat a enemy. What’s better, this skill can attract enemies to come around you – which means that you can kill them all at the same time. As a result, more coins will come to your pocket. Even you don’t use this skill’s ability to attract enemy, you’re still eligible for instant coins earning.

Equip better weapons and armor. Although you can collect armor and weapons from your enemy, that’s not enough powerful for the boss battle. You have to make sure your character own more stronger armor and weapons. There is only way you can achieve this goal – purchase them in the game store. Based on our experience, you need around 4000 gems to get a high-class-level weapons and armor this game. If you don’t have enough gems, you can try Nonstop Knight 2 hack to generate them. Most top players are using this tool to get gems to their account. So it’s not a shame to use hacking service.

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Unlock more special skills. Once you have enough gems, you can unlock more skills of your character. You goal here is to discover all the hidden skills of your own character. Because hidden skills are the keys to conquer your enemies quickly. As mentioned above, ‘coin-slip’ is one of the hidden skill, there more skills like this are waiting for your to unlock.

This is the whole guide of Nonstop Knight 2 game. If you find something helpful, you can share with use via emails.