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Mr Love Queen’s Choice Cheats – Guide for more gems hack

Mr Love Queen’s Choice is a female type romantic simulation game. You may have played some romantic game before. But this game is more than romantic, in my opinion, this game is far more better than the similar games. The game features high quality graphics and interesting plot. You can even text and call your male characters in the game play system. You are going to experience mystery and romantic love story with four different male characters. Don’t hurry up to start your love story. We recommend you check out our Mr Love Queen’s Choice cheats and tips before your game play.

Decides your main character’s nick name and appearance. It seems that many players ignore this step before entering into romantic adventure. However, when you want to change it later, it is too late. You need to open up a support ticket to help you solve your issue – that’s so bad. So we advise you try not to skip every step in the game. Just spend some time on setting your character’s nickname and appearance. That’s not too hard for you. But it can save you much time in the later game play.

Make use of phone call and text message to interact with your love characters. The game provides call and text functions for players to communicate with their characters. Do use these functions as long as you can. It can help you increase your likeability to your lovers. There is a little trick here which works very well. That is – once your male character post something in their blogs, you should write some comment on it as soon as you can. You should try to make yourself to be the first person to like and comment on their posts.

Collect more gems to advance your gaming progress. You may already know that you need spend gems to advance plot. If you don’t want your game play progress stuck in some point, you should collect more gems as soon as possible. It is a bit hard to get more gems in this game. Some players will spend real cash to buy gems in the game play store. And some players will ask Mr Love Queen’s Choice hack for help. Hacking service is a best solution to earn fast gems in this game. If you have not try it before, you should really have a test.

use Mr Love Queen's Choice mod

Try to be a VIP member. If you want to spend money in this game, the VIP member should be the best deal for you. The higher your VIP level is, the more benefits you will get. For example, each time you reach a new VIP level, you will receive a golden package which includes 200 gems and 1000 gold in it. So if you want to get lots of gems for long time, you can consider to get a VIP member.

That’s all tips and cheats for Mr Love Queen’s Choice game so far. If you have discovered something new, don’t be hesitate to share with us.