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Mobile Legends Adventure game is an official sequel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! In this new series, you will experience a brand new adventure with brand new heroes, equipment and maps. The battle system is just used the original game play system. So you will be able to get used to it quickly. Team balance also plays an important part in this new game. So how do you group your hero in your team and discover their potential power is what you need to learn. Here we share you latest Mobile Legends Adventure cheats and tips. You may get the answer from this post. So let’s start our topic now.

Add magic type heroes to your team as soon as you can. As said before, hero’s combination plays an important role in this game. You have to build up your perfect team combination as soon as possible to take challenge. Why we ask you to summon magic heroes firstly? Because, they can add mana and health point to your injured members. The higher level of your magic heroes, the more mana and health points they can add. The only disadvantage of this type of hero is that each time they release their magic skill, they have to take a long time rest to release again. But some players have found that you can use diamonds to speed up the skill cool down time.

Attack is a better strategy when you have no idea what’s your next move in the game. If the attack done correctly, it is almost overwhelming. However, before the attack, you’d better deploy Beast Hero in your team. Trust us, you will get the most benefit from it. Once you have deployed Beast Hero into the battlefield, your team members will get a damage booster and armor enhancement at the beginning. What’s more important, your other heroes will get HP regeneration booster in each battle stage. That sounds great! We can tell you that you need 100 diamonds to summon a Beast Hero. The more rare of the Beast Hero is, the more diamonds you need to spend. Usually, we will make use of Mobile Legends Adventure hack to harvest diamonds for us. It’s a convenient and legit method to earn diamonds in this game.

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Cooperation is also important in this game. Especially, when you are dealing with boss in level 100, without your teammate’s help, it is almost impossible to know down your enemy. The fast way to get your teammate is to invite your friends to join your party. Don’t forget to practice more about the cooperation once you have a party.

This is the whole guide for Mobile Legends Adventure game. Do you know other tricks of this game, if so, please let us know!