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Magia Record global version is finally out. This is a good news for all Magia Record fans. The story of Magia Record game is based on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story. So if you want to discover how this side story goes in the game, you should really play it right now. In this game, you will control a magical girls’ team, send them to battlefield to finish their stories. You also need a strong team to complete all the missions in a short period. If you want to get some success as soon as possible in this game, you should check our Magia Record cheats and tips below.

Follow the game instruction. When you start the game, you will find that there is an arrow located in your character’s head. This arrow will guide you where to go in the game. This is an awesome and unique features which other RPG games don’t have. When you forgot or have no idea how to move your gaming progress, you just need to follow this arrow. It will show you the right path of the game play.

Enhances your magical girls with magia stones. We can tell you that your magical girls are at a normal level when you collect them into your team. You can handle the first few battles with them without doubt. But if you do keep them at this normal level, you will fail the boss fighting in stage four. To be frank, you have to always think about enhancing your magical girls in each stage, as it will make your battle become quickly and easily. Here in this game, magia stone is the only resource you have to collect more and fast. You may wonder why the top players can always get magia stones in a short time. The truth is they are using Magia Record hack – a stone generator in this game. You can use it too, if you want to.

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Best way to attack you enemies. Many players asks which is the best way to attack the enemy. Well, there is no such attack method for everyone. But we can tell you our method about attacking the boss. When dealing with bosses, it’s best to observe how they work. Remember their fighting patterns and skills. Fight back in an unexpected time. This trick will help you deal with almost all bosses in the game. Remember, you have to own a strong magical girls’ team before using this little trick.

Theses would be the latest tips and cheats for Magia Record game. We are looking forward your feedback.