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LYN The Lightbringer is a fantasy RPG mobile game. It has attracted many players by its amazing graphic and interesting story. It is a 3D animated RPG. You play the role of “Lynn” who has a great power to save the world from destroy. Your mission is to order your knights to protect the world and save all the mankind from disaster. You will have more than 150 units to choose to create your party. You may want to know how to master the game without failure. Hence, we share you the latest LYN The Lightbringer cheats and tips. It is a good start with your right journey.

How to choose your first knight. To start your adventure, you have to select your first knight. You can easily do that by sliding the roles on different spheres to determine which roles should be activated. Once you decide your knight, you should always check its statistic. Generally, you will know the basic information(such as HP, MP) about your knight via stat menu. In addition, do not forget to put the current element balls into your knight’s body. By doing this, you will activate your knight’s special skill once it is on battle.

The most effective way to upgrade your knights is using diamonds enhance system. This means that you have to find a reliable way to earn more diamonds in the game. We are not talking the lucky reward method in this article. We want you to discover a more legit and working method to get free diamonds. Based on our experience, many pro-gamer are using LYN The Lightbringer hack to generate diamonds into their accounts so that they easily rank their knights within a few minutes. So if you don’t want to be lag behind, you should take this hack a try.

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Evolving your knight is another way to make them stronger. Red diamonds are the required material when taking evolving. Once your knight has been promoted, its level and skills will be reset. However, its whole stats will be improved a lot compared with the before knight. All knights can be only evolve twice in their lift circle, and it will cost you lots of red diamonds. So we suggest you think carefully before evolve your knights.

Finally, we hope this guide will help you get what you want to lead your knights to raid and conquer powerful monsters.