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Lumia Saga – a highly anticipated mobile game finally come to public. You can experience an amazing action-packed battles in a 3d model. The developer has made the game’s characters look cute and charming. Once you play it, you will love the style of gaming character design and battle system. Just as other RPG games, you can combine various of skills and weapons to defeat your enemies in every stage. Once you get stronger and confident you can challenge the players around the world in PVP battle mode. Before you kickoff this game, we suggest you read our Lumia Saga cheats and tips to learn more about how to become a top player in this game.

Remember to feed your pets. This game has introduced a new system called – pet system. That means that you can have your own pets during the game play. Don’t underestimate this pet system. It will give you great help in each battle (such as refill your HP and MP). To activate the pet system, you have to reach level nine. Once you got there, you will be rewarded a cute pet as your partner. Each pet has its own ability and level. The higher level your pet is, the more powerful skill it owns. To increase your pet’s level, you need to feed them on time. There are different types of food you can use to feed your pet. Just remember one thing when feeding your pet – don’t over feed them, otherwise their level will stuck at some point for a period of time.

Pay attention to boss fighting. If you have player other RPG games before, you should know that bosses are much stronger than normal enemies. The most horrible thing is that they can release skills uninterruptible. Many players fear to face the boss fight. Here we give you some tips when dealing with boss battle. For every boss fight, you have to break out their armors firstly. You can easily find their armor’s information under their HP bar. Once you know the information, you have to release your strongest skill to break out their armors. Without armor’s protection, the boss will become exhausted. This is a good chance to know them down with any attacks.

Enhance your class skills as soon as possible. As mentioned before, you need powerful class skill to knock down the boss’s armor. That’s why you need to strengthen your skills. This game required diamonds to enhance your class skills. Getting diamonds is not very hard if you are a pro player. You just need to take part in more challenges and defeat your enemies as many as you can, then you will get good amount of diamonds. Another instant way to earn diamonds is making use of Lumia Saga hack. Just keep in mind that don’t over use it when applying this tool for diamonds earning.

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It is not always easy to defeat the stronger enemies in Lumia Saga, even you have played hard to train your heroes. Sometimes, you have to use proper playing method to conquer your opponents. That’s why we make this useful Lumia Saga guide.