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Love Sick: Interactive Stories Cheats – Guide for more diamonds hack

Love Sick: Interactive Stories is a romantic love mobile game. You can customize your character’s personality by choosing your style, relationships and destiny. Each choice you make in the game will decide your love destiny. The game features three main stories : VAMPIRE BALL, PRINCESS LIANA and PRETTY SPY: WEDDING PLANNER . Each story has made by many chapters. What’s more there are new chapters add into the game every week. So clear all the story will cost you lots of time. To help unlock all the chapters easily, we share our latest Love Sick: Interactive Stories cheats and tips below for your reference.

Choose the your favorite story to start with. As we mentioned early, there are three stories line in the game. Which one you should start with really no matters. Just pick up the one you like to start with. We have listed the summery of the three story lines as below:

  • PRINCESS LIANA – It’s story about Liana how to find herself the true identity (a princess). There are more than seven chapters in this story. You need to complete each one by order. The true test is make Liana to give up her peasants identity and return the royal family to her.
  • VAMPIRE BALL – This story is the most played one by all the players based on the official statistics. Every girl wants to be the most beautiful and unique in the vampire ball. But only the true one can get the favor from the vampire.
  • PRETTY SPY: WEDDING PLANNER – This story will turn you into a spy to investigate the billionaire’ life. It’s a special story. Because you can play each chapter not in the original order. That is to say, you can play chapter one, then skin chapter two, jump to play chapter three.

To unlock more chapters in the story, you have to spend diamonds. Diamond is the only resource can be used to explore more chapters. Without them, you will stuck in certain chapter. According to the game’s mechanism, you will get a diamonds after you complete one chapter. But you won’t get another diamonds by replaying the same chapter. So it’s not easy to get enough diamonds to unlock all chapters. You either purchase diamonds with real cash or make use of Love Sick Interactive Stories hack. The later way is always preferred by most players in this game.

use Love Sick: Interactive Stories mod

Change your story when you are facing trouble in your current progress. By doing this, you will have more chances to get the necessary items to handle the game. Once you have figure out how to solve your problem in your previous story, you can always turn back to handle it.

At last, we hope you learn how to unlock more chapters in this game after reading our guide.