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Love 365 Find Your Story is a romance game which let you enjoy all types of love story with different men. You will interact with your dating object via conversation. Dress up your personality and prepare for the crazy challenge. Each man you meet in the game, you can decide whether to keep interact with him. The game offers more than 100 gorgeous men for players to choose to date. So you will not feel boring when playing this game. The game is full of choices you have to make, and they will decide which story you run. Before making any love choice, be sure to check our Love 365 Find Your Story cheats and tips.

The game provides more than five story types to all players at this moment. You can choose your favorite one to start with. Before you dive into the story, you should read the whole story summary. It will help you understand each character well. For example, when you choose the story type called ‘Otherworldly Adventure’. You will play as a princess who are protecting by five gorgeous guardians. You need to learn each guardian’s interest and skills in order to capture their attention. We will not describe each detail here. You need to figure out yourself. But we can assure you that praise them from time to time will make them happy and stimulate their self-esteem.

You need to unlock more love chapters. No one can say 100% that she can capture her lover’s hearts each time. To increase the success rate of your love story, you should try your best to unlock more chapters. More chapters will let you have more times to interact with your dating object. That means that it will increase your relationship between your lovers. So that you have more chance to succeed in this game. Coins are the necessary currencies to unlock new chapters. You can get coins easily with the help of Love 365 Find Your Story hack. This tool is designed to help players to earn fast coins in the game. So if you are lacking of coins, you can try it now.

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Even if you’re not interested in some men, you can’t put your hate face in front of him directly. You never know what conspiracy they will hatch if they think you don’t like them. Gorgeous men like Barry prefer honesty. You can directly reject him if you have no feeling on him. On the other hand, when dealing with selfish men, you should do more flattery on them. It’s only suggestion. Follow it or not, it’s your own choice.

This is the whole Love 365 Find Your Story game guide. If you want to share your tricks with us, just hit us email. Thanks for your reading.