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Kawaii Kitchen is a cute cooking mobile game. It features a combination of perfect game experience and kawaii visual effects. You start your cooking business from a small kitchen. Combine exotic ingredients from around the world to create delicious food and drink for hungry customers. Just make sure you serve everyone on time, or you will lose your business. Master more than 100 recipes to impress your customers. The more you play, the more ingredients you have! To help you learn how to be the top kawaii chef within a short time, we share you Kawaii Kitchen cheats and tips.

Prepare some good seller food in your kitchen. As we know, customers will not want to wait too long for a dish. It’s a good habit to cook some food in advance to ensure your customers will get what they want after the order. So what food should you prepare? Generally speaking, you should prepare hot seller food (such as hamburgers) in advance. There are several ingredients and food that take time to replenish. Every time you use one, you must refill them manually. The game will not alert you when you run out of materials. Always check the amount of your current material will keep you away from materials running out situation.

There are two types of upgrades in this game. One is the kitchen upgrade, which will improve your whole cooking process and the environment. That means you will be able to handle more orders at the same time. The other is food upgrade, which will help you create more delicious food for your customers. No matter which one you choose to upgrade, you will need gems to help you proceed. Getting gems in the game is not a problem. How to get them fast and big amount is the real difficulty you will meet. In our opinions, Kawaii Kitchen hack is a convenient tool for gems collecting. This tool works on all platforms. You can try it yourself.

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Focus on one dish when you are not confident with your cooking skill. You may try to cook different dishes at the same time with multiple tasks. The problem is that the risk of making mistakes is higher than usual, especially when you are not sure what you are doing. Once you make a mistake, you have to recook the food from the beginning. This will waste your time and materials. So we suggest you focus on making one dish quickly each time.

Finally, we hope this guide will help you improve your cooking skills and become the greatest chef in the world!