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Have you ever dream of dating with vampire? Now you have chance to experience this amazing and romantic dating in Ikemen Vampire Otome Game! This game is modified from a famous animation Ikemen Vampire Otome. If you have heard of it before, you should know how fantasy of this animation. The game’s story line is totally based on the animation. You need to try your best to unlock all the chapters hidden in this game, so that you can experience different dating stories as many as you wish. Don’t worry, we will give you latest Ikemen Vampire Otome Game cheats and tips to help you clear up all the chapters quickly.

As you know, the game is all about dating with your partner. If you want to clear a chapter perfectly, you should learn how to attract any vampire in a short time. Below we have listed some important points you should focus on when attracting a man in this game.

  • Dress up like a vampire Princess – this trick always help when attracting a man vampire. You need to enter into your dressing room to pick the best vampire-style clothes and accessories. Generally, you get will get some basic vampire-style clothes at the beginning. However, if you don’t like basic ones, you can buy your desired style in the dressing store.
  • Turn on the vampire fashion news alert system in your game – by doing this, you can keep abreast of the latest vampire trends. You can easily do this by clicking the yellow button on the setting menu.
  • Choose different paths to when replay each chapter – we can assure you that each man-vampire has different ending story in the game. That depends on your each choice when dating with them. If you want to get a better result in each chapter, you should really consider to replay it with different path choice.

Diamonds are the premium resource to unlock hidden chapters in this game. You’d better earn them as many as possible. After you complete a certain chapter in the game, the system will score your performance based on the ending level. If you get perfect ending, you will earn 10 diamonds in that chapter. Otherwise, if you got a bad ending, you get nothing in that chapter. Getting diamonds in this way may take some time and energy, so you should be patient for that. Sometimes, we will use Ikemen Vampire Otome Game hack to generate some diamonds to our account if we feel tired in this game. It is a legit diamonds generator for this game. Every one can use it if they want to.

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Don’t forget to collect special cards. These cards includes sounds, story and event record of your game play. Once you get them, you can place them on your dressing room. As a result, your room will become more fantastic and attractive. This is another good way to attract a man-vampire.

This would be the whole guide for Ikemen Vampire Otome Game. If you find something new in the game play, don’t hesitate to share with us!