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Hustle Castle Cheats – Updated guide for more diamonds hack

If you’re a fan of MY COM games, you might have good reason to look at Hustle Castle. It is a castle theme RPG game. There are more than three unique castles to conquer and rebuild in the game. You have to feed and train your army before they go to war. It’s a simple game compared to ordinary RPG mobile game, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. In fact, there may be some things you can’t get out of control when dealing with battles. That’s why we share you the latest Hustle Castle cheats ant tips.

You need a castle firstly. You can build your own castle from nothing. You can also conquer other’s castle to be yours. No matter which way you choose, you have to own a castle to proceed the game. Building your first castle is a easier option for most players. It doesn’t require you to own an army. You just need to some basic structures (such as steel and cement) to complete your castle building. But remember, it is just a basic castle framework. You have to upgrade it and make it strong in the later game play. Conquering others’ castle at the beginning of the game is too hard for new players. We don’t suggest you take that risk.

How to upgrade and strengthen your castle fast? Well, the answer sounds very simple – You need large amount of diamonds. But getting lots of diamonds in the game is not easy for all players. Because the game will only reward you diamond after you complete the five stars mission. Five stars mission is very very difficult, even to top players. So many players turn to use Hustle Castle hack to earn diamonds in this game. It is a legit cheat engine and has been updated to the latest version in 2019.

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You don’t need to kill all enemies when facing a battle. When you are diving into the story line, you will encounter many battles. Some players would like to complete every battle. They think they will get more resource by doing this. That’s true, if you do have a strong army which can destroy every opponent you meet. However, this is just a dream. You can’t make sure you will win every battle. Once you fail in the battle, you will lose some troops. We strongly recommend you pick the right battle to fight with. What’s more important, you don’t have to kill every enemy in the battle. Because the game doesn’t count the number of killings. It is not worth to spend energy and resource on it.

This is the latest guide for Hustle Castle game. If you know other tricks, don’t hesitate to let us know.