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Hotel Hideaway Cheats – Updated guide for more diamonds hack

Hotel Hideaway is a full customized simulation game. Just as its sub title said it is a online world social game. You will simulate your real life in the game – make friends, join adventures and explore the virtual world. The game makes it easy for players of different ages to complete. You can customize your avatar with different clothing and accessories, make it standout from the public. Customize and decorate your room with your perfect idea, make it be the best room in the hotel. In all, you can do tons of things in this game. If you want to accomplish your hotel simulation easily and quickly, we suggest you read our latest Hotel Hideaway cheats and tips before your start your game.

Make sure you understand the interior and exterior of your hotel. It is always a good idea to know every detail of your hotel. Remember the location and overall layout of your room so that you can easily find out which room you want to design and decorate. The overall layout will help you generate the whole design image of your room. So you can have a better idea on decorating them. The more details of rooms you remember, the more impressive work you will create in this game.

Customize your avatar based on your style. Just like other simulation games, you can customize your character as detail as you want. From hair style to tattoos, you can create your avatar as you desire. Here you just need to create your avatar who can present yourself in a better way. You may spend more time on this section as long as you wish to. Do create a virtual character which can express your style and mood perfectly before you step into the next section.

Room design and decorate is the most interesting part in this game. It is one of the main function of this game. To make your room stand out in this hotel, you need to customize all kinds of furniture and decorations for your room. During this action, you need diamonds to help you. Without enough diamonds, you can’t get good looking furniture and other decoration stuffs. Frankly speaking, you can’t even complete the decoration of a room without diamonds. We strongly recommend you make use of Hotel Hideaway hack to earn enough diamonds in this game. It has been proofed working for all devices and platforms so far.

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Remember to check every week’s new furniture. The game has promise to provide new furniture every week. You can check it via item menu. Once you find what you want, don’t hesitate to get it with diamonds. It will make your room more impressive in the public. For the replaced furniture, you can keep it for later use. If you lack of money, you can sell it. It is all your choice. You just need to be sure to get the new furniture.

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